Personalized Medicine Initiative featured in Dell case study

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A new Dell case study describes how the Personalized Medicine Initiative spinoff Molecular You Corporation (MYCo) uses PHEMI software on Dell servers for its big data analysis and management to accelerate breakthroughs in precision medicine.

The Molecular You Pathfinder project provides precise, next generation molecular profiling to better identify health risks & options for prevention, treatment & monitoring for a target of 25,000 individuals. Performing the necessary multivariate analyses to gain insights requires powerful big data technology. MYCo implemented a big data management solution, based on PHEMI Central Big Data Warehouse powered by Dell PowerEdge servers, to give researchers and physicians secure access to clinical and “omics” data sets. MYCo is applying this solution to pharmacogenomics and to finding new ways to treat and prevent diseases like cancer and diabetes.

“This is an exciting time, and we are confident the analysis we get through the PHEMI and Dell solution will be a game-changer.” – Rob Fraser, COO of the Personalized Medicine Initiative and CEO and Co-Founder of MYCo

Read the case study.

– The PMI