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The Personalized Medicine Initiative is introducing an individualized molecular approach to health management at a preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic level. This is our Roadmap for Bringing Personalized Medicine to British Columbians. Preventing, Diagnosing and Treating Disease Are Soon to Change Forever.

The Personalized Medicine Initiative aims to make BC the ``Personalized Medicine Province`` by following the Roadmap for Bringing Personalized Medicine to British Columbians

The Roadmap makes four recommendations that provide a pathway towards implementing personalized medicine in British Columbia:

  1. The government (Ministries of Health, Finance, Innovation, and Advanced Education) should make a political commitment to implement personalized medicine.
  2. BC should establish a coalition of stakeholders to coordinate whole system change to enable personalized medicine by addressing: policy, regulation, privacy, education, and economic issues and barriers.
  3. BC should capitalize on near-term opportunities to incorporate and integrate molecular medicine technologies into healthcare treatment.
  4. BC should establish a longitudinal database of molecular medicine and healthcare data for 25,000 Canadians to drive patient-centric healthcare, translational research, and innovation.

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The Roadmap was authored by the Personalized Medicine Initiative with PwC with input from our partners, GenomeBC, CDRD, LifeSciences BC, the Centre for Prevention of Organ Failure (PROOF) and the UBC Life Sciences Institute.