your health

Improvements in healthcare need to embrace the concept that each human is different.

your molecular constitution


Personalized medicine is healthcare based on your unique genetic and molecular blueprint. Each individual has distinct genetic makeup, biomolecule and metabolic profiles, set of gut microbes, and so on. Similarly, there is no one-size-fit-all in healthcare. How you stay healthy or how you are treated for disease should be catered to match your unique profile. Knowledge of your genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, microbiotics, and other bioinformatics allow for the improvement in the quality of life, from disease prevention to therapy best suited to you.

your health


We are beginning to understand what it means to be healthy at the molecular level. By having information on your molecular blueprint, regularly monitoring your status, and getting early consultation with the physician, you are better poised to maintaining your health. Personalized medicine allows you to notice and address early signs of disease sooner, before they become chronic or untreatable.

your treatment


The personalized medicine technologies allows for the swift and confident selection of an optimal therapy for each individual. Treatments catered to the individual are safer and work more efficiently. This approach will avoid trial-and-error prescriptions. For example, the knowledge of your genetic makeup and other bioinformatics will allow your physician to prescribe drugs that are safe for you and the most effective. This will streamline the healthcare system, cutting down healthcare costs by managing disease more efficiently and preventing adverse drug reactions.

your family


Personalized medicine also benefits your family through better health management. Many hereditary diseases can be detected earlier or prevented with the knowledge of the individual’s molecular blueprint. The personalized medicine initiative creates a highly beneficial collaboration between clinicians and families in BC. For example, the project targeted on autism spectrum disorders will collect inclusive molecular data from the same patients over a period of many years and link it to a single dedicated database. Such information will allow for earlier and more accurate detection of children with the disorders and more effective and personalized treatment.

your community


Your community has much to gain from the personalized medicine technologies. Current health spending in Canada is growing at unsustainable levels. One large contributing factor is delay in recovery due to ineffective therapy or adverse drug reactions. Personalized medicine helps individuals manage their health better. Safe and effective treatment optimized to the individual will streamline healthcare and increase the able workforce, driving the economic force. A more sustainable healthcare model for the individual thus mirrors that for the society. The personalized medicine initiative will also spurt economic growth by creating commercial opportunities in BC.